Chart of Early Homo, Homo erectus/ergaster, Early and Late Archaic Homo

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Genevieve Dewar

Early Homo Early Archaic Homo Later Archiaic Homo Homo erectus Homo ergaster Homo habillis Homo rudolfensis Other Early Homo heidelbergensis Homo rhodesiensis Homo Homo floresiensis (“Handyman”) Homos (“Workman”) neanderthalensis (“The Honbbit”) (H. Habillis?) Fossils Twiggy (OH24), KNM- KNM-ER 1470 StW 53 Zhoukoudian Cave Nariokatome Boy from 600-400 kya Shanidar 1, Shanidar 4 ER 1813 (“Dragon Bone Lake Turkana Pit of Bones in Atapuerca Cave”), Java man (Java, Indonesia) Dates  2.1-1.7 mya East Africa: South Africa: Europe and Asia: East and South Africa: England to Greece Broken Hill, Kabwe Middle East to Europe: 38-13 kya East Africa:  Oldvai Gorge  Swartkrans: 2.0-0.5 mya? 1.9-1.4 mya (Europe): Zambia (formerly 130-30 kya  Oldvai Gorge  Koobi Fora (KNM-ER 1.5 mya 600-400 kya Rhodesia): (Twiggy) 1470)  Sterfontein: 350-125 kya  Koobi Fora (KNM- 1.5-2 mya ER 1813) (StW 53) Brain  Larger brains than Larger than H. habillis Everything 850-1000cc 1300cc 1300cc Largest brain capacity  380cc but is Australopithecine, similar to of any other hominin developed in but still much Twiggy same smaller than H. proportions erectus  Prefrontal  560-650cc cortex same  Developping size as Homo prefrontal cortex sapiens Skull/  Lack saggital crest Brain is larger than H. Everything Low brain case  Smaller brains than Low brain case with Lacks occipital bun  Low brain case with  Chin-less Dentition  Larger front teeth, Habillis but still smaller similar to with pointy end erectus, but larger Occiptial Bun Occipital Bun  Brain to body smaller back teeth than H. erectus Twiggy than H. habillis  Have retromolar ratio is similar (but can still eat  700-850cc’s space (dwarfism) rough foods)  Low, long brain case  Mid-face  Othognathic prognaithism  Nasal aperture to exhale warm air to
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