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Bianca Dahl

Karl MarxPaul Michel FoucaultPierre BourdieuKey conceptsKey conceptsKey conceptsWords usedWords usedWords usedWhy is this significant Why is he Why is this significant Why is he Why is this significant Why is he significantsignificantsignificantChapter according to their quotesThere is If you notice its real Im a woman and Im gonna have Yknow how when youre We can get any job we want nothing racial Whites in one my damn way because Im gonna walking and you look up the as long as we put our minds to righteous about camp blacks in another demand it Ive been in these street and you see someone you itdopefiends camp And I live right in damn streets all by myself a long think you know And then youHank Theyre the middle by myself time Dont nobody wanna treat walk closer and it turns out to be assholes theyll Theyre all a bunch of me like the way I wanna be an old friend And then you screw you racist motherfuckerstreatedleave saying to yourself Wow There is nothing both the niggers and the It was really good to meet himTina enjoyable about whites Felix Thats what heroin feels like to this life Max me Hank SignificanceSignificanceSignificanceSignificanceSignificance
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