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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maggie Cummings

ANTA READINGS Post-midterm 1 IN SEARCH OF RESPECT 4 major dynamics altered daily life on streets of ElBarrio post-1995 1. Us economy entered most prolonged period of sustained growth in history followed by downturn after 911 caused income inequality to skyrocket 2. Size of Mexican popul in nycelbarrio increased subs job loss to competition working for poverty wages 3. War on drugs escalated into semi-official public policies that criminalizedincarcerated the poor and socially marginalized (ie 1-strike-and youre-out policy, having felon in household calls for eviction of entire family, by law) 4. Drug fashion trends shifted weed as more popular and heroincrack less popular among Blacks and Latinos - Destruction of children of crack dealers = most disturbing trend o Represt the chronic social suffering generated by elbarrio regardless pos+ econ fluctuation, and decrease in youths hard-drug consumption o Many are recycled at great financial&human cost, thru the prison industrial complex INTRO Personalpolitical perspective: probe into the weakness inherent in richest country by documenting how it imposes racial segregation & econ marginalization on its many latino&black citizens Underground economy - Dynamics of social marginalization& alienation result in Substance Abuse in the inner city which is both a symptom and symbol of the dynamic - Statistically 50% of elbarrio residence (incomes include welfare & min wage work) shouldnt be able to afford sustenance given NYC livingrentfood prices o Via uncensuseduntaxed underground economy= 100gs of ppl wminimal amenities afford to live wbasic necessities o Female income-generating = baby sitting, sewing, bartending at after-hours, off the books o Men income-generating more obvious and visible incl off-books car repairs and drug selling but its hard to estimate how many, how much and what $$amount Street culture: resistance &self-destruction - Innercity street culture: a complex and conflicted web of beliefs, symbols, modes of intrxn, calues and ideologies thatve emerged in opposition to exclusion to mainstream society o comes from anguish of being poor in rich city compounded wcultural assault faced by elbarrio youth when they step off block o offers an alternative forum for autonomous personal dignity - street culture of resistance concentn of socially marginzd ppl into politicallyecologically isolated inner streets causes explosive cultural creativity in defiance of racism and econ marginzn o Its a spontaneous set of rebellious practices that emerged in the longterm as an oppositional style o Illegal enterprise = lifestyles of violence, subs abuse, internalized rage leading to o culture of resistance predicated on destroying its participants (personal degradation) and the community even though it emerged out of personal search for respect & rejection of racismsubjugation - Law abiding majority lost control of public space: most live in fear or contempt try to ignoreshut-out street culture in hopes theyll one day leave hood o physical concentration + ethnically segragated poverty = violent self-destructive street cultures to overtake public space & lives of vulnerable ppl in those marginal hoods www.notesolution.com ANTA READINGS Post-midterm 2 - Processes that may be felt by major sectors of populations vulnerable to experiencing rapid structural change in context of politicalideological oppression can be seen in the extreme responses to poverty and segregation that dealersaddicts represent o Extraordinary to the P.Rican experience = their cultural forms have contd to expand and nd rd reinvent themselves in 2 3 generation immigrants themed in dignity&autonomy o aka the oppositional mentality forged via longterm colonial domination ethnographic methods and negative stereotyping Analytical framework of Cultural Production Theory (CPT) and Feminism used to restore o agency of culture o the autonomy of indivs o centrality of gender and the domestic sphere to a polecon understanding of the experience of persistent poverty &social marginzn in urban U.S. - Why ethnographies shouldnt offer sympathetic readings (suppressed accounts) on the culture o Shouldnt have fear for documenting the pornography of violence thinking it reinforces racist stereotypes bc o thru cultural relativism (cultures arent good or bad they just have internal logic) attempting to sanitize the vulnerable doesnt do justice to how shit got fucked up and how fucked up it is o this sanitizing often done in US where survival of fittest & blame the victim theories of indiv action = common sense o this results in misreading of ethnographies on social margnzn by public thru their conservativeunforgiving lens - theoretical debate of structure vs agency o the relp bw indiv responsibility and social structural complaints o too much struct emphasis obscures the fact that humans are active agents in their history & not passive victims o to avoid struct reductions use: CPT street cultures resistance to social margnzn in the contradictory key to its destructive force ie thru cultural practices of opposition, individuals SHAPE the oppression that larger forces impose on them 1. VIOLATING APARTHEID IN U.S. Parameters of violencepowergenerosity Assertionrumors about Rays violence = integral to running network of crackhouses effectively - Upward mobility in underground econ reqs systematic&effective use of violence against collegues neighbours and to some extent, oneself - This irrationalbarbaric violence reinterpreted in logic of undergrnd.econ = longterm investment into ones human capital development & public relations - Must still be capable to reciprocate friendship ie not all followers loyal out of fearviolence Bourdieus analytical category: Cultural Capital Capable of fathoming the intricate rules and regulations of a society - Ie Ray lacked cultural capital to succeed in real world cos he was illiterate, didnt understand beurocracy, paper work, liscensing etc Racism and Culture of Terror Street culture violence shapes daily life in elbarrio - Which shapes how society views ghettos disproportionately to objective danger - Bc incidents happen very publicly visible and traumatic = ppl have sense omnipresent threat of being a victim www.notesolution.com
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