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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jessica Taylor

ANTB64 Lecture 1 watch hestons feasts 1x01 alice in wonderland feastLecture 2 Sept 19 2011Symbolic approach to food Ratatouille clipinvolvement with food is not just biologicalit is cultural and socialIn Always Hungry and Never Greedy Kahn discusses how she focuses on food and hunger as cultural constructsmaterialist approach searches for casual relshipslocates cause of human beh in food in biological needsmentalist approach examines human foodrelated beh by classifying and interpreting cognitive conducts of foodie look at the language rituals and myths surrounding food1960s linguistic approach to food systemsBarthes reading Psychosocio of Contemporary FoodSugar consumption in US is compared to sugar consumption in Francesugar isnt just smt that is eaten in US but smt that means smtit is a kind of American attitudethru the sugar it is to experience the day rest leisureie a couple drinking a milkshake with two strawsfood is a system of communicationhuman institutions structuring these bio needsfood is like a languageso what are the units that distinguish themselves in the system of foodie brown vs white breadbrown is healthierpreference in taste for white breadthese are two diff unitsone is according to tasteand one is to meaningie tastes vs classsome tastes vary according to income levelie more preference for sweetness is signified by the lower classsweeter choca ie milk choca is associated more with working lower classdark choca has the image of being more upperclassFood advertistingplace of advertisting great place for us to study the system to look at what kinds of meanings are associated w foodads show how food is meaningful bc thats how we sell themlargescale advertising shapes collective psychologyBarthes suggests that some groups of themes that advertising look at are commemorativefood in France draws on this history aspect ie rural traditionsmallscale
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