BIOC33H3 Study Guide - Temporomandibular Joint, Sternum, Sternoclavicular Joint

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Head and Neck
External occipital protuberance
Mastoid processes
Tempero-mandibular joint
Number of cervical vertebrae: 7
Vertebra prominens: C7 vertebral spine is known as the vertebra
prominens because it is the mose prominent of the cervical vertebra.
Movements of the neck:
Flexion, side flexion: Bending movement that decreases the angle
between two parts
Extension: The opposite of flexion; a straightening movement that
increases the angle between body parts
Trachea between two sternomastoid muscles
Thyroid cartilage (Adams apple) :houses the vocal cords
Sterno-clavicular joint
External occipital protuberance
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