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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Olga Chilina

BIOA02Plant Body Chapter 24 1In the plant life cycle a multicellulardevelops after fertilizationa sporophyteb gametec gametophyted zygote2Which of the following is not an adaptation that allowed the rst plants to survive in terrestrial habitatsa specialized water transport tissuesb cellulose cell wallsc cuticled stomata3Which of the following characteristics is present in both vascular and nonvascular plantsa stomatab roots stems and leavesc lignind apical meristem4Which of the following plants has the gametophyte that is largest in size relative to its sporophytea gymnospermb bryophytec angiospermd fern5Which of the following characteristics evolved most recently in plantsa ligninb hetersporyc stomatad apical meristem6Which group of plants evolved most recentlya gymnospermsb bryophytesc angiospermsd pterophytes7Which of the following structures could you nd in a bryophyte gametangiuma spermb rhizoidc pollend spore8Phylum Hepatophyta consists of plants called a liverwortsb mossesc hornwortsd stoneworts9In plants including mosses meiosis produces a sperm or eggsb protonemac sporesd antheridia10Which of the following groups does not contain seedless vascular plantsa club mossesb cycadsc fernsd horsetails11In lycophytes sporangia are usually found in a large visible structure called aan a soursb ovulec archegonium
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