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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Plant Cells and Plant Tissues ISlide Onebasic stemelaborate adaptationsCacti stem is the organ of photosynthesisoAlso organ of water storagePotatoes are not roots but modified stemsSlide Twobasic leafelaborate adaptationsDo things other than photosynthesisLeaves modified into tendrils that are used to crawl up other plantsModified leaves venus fly trap catches fliesPitcher plant creates a flask like structure with digestive enzymes and water to catch insectsSlide Threebasic rootselaborate adaptationsMany vegetables we eat are storage roots starch sugars etcSwamp cedar send roots into air to get air and carbon dioxideInvasive roots that are sent into the ground from the branches of trees Slide FourSlide Five Slide Sixplant cells and plant tissues real lecture starts hereUndifferentiated cells meristemsDifferentiated cellsSlide Sevendifference in growth between plants and animalsGiant Sequoia tree has indeterminate growthHumans have determinate growthSlide Eightindeterminate plant growthStem cells in humans are totipotent meristematic cells in plantsA differentiated cell will give rise to the same cell
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