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Biological Sciences
Mary Olaveson

Digestive Physiology1 digestive physiology2 overview of the digestive systemDigestive system in humans consists of two major componentsoDigestive tractTube that runs through the bodyFrom mouth to anusMouthoStarting pointEsophagusoFood stuffs go through the esophagusoSphincter that controls entry of food into esophagusStomachoAnother sphincter that controls entry of food into stomachoMore importantly controls backflow of stomach acid back up the esophagusAcid refluxoProcessing and digestionSmall intestineoMost foodstuffs continue digestion and nutrient absorption through intestine early partsLarge intestineoSeveral regionsoPredominantly involved with water and ion reclaiming reabsorptionRectumAnus oVoiding fecesoAccessory glands Work to excrete or secrete substances into this tract to facilitate digestionSalivary glandsSecretes saliva into mouthGall bladderLiverHundreds of functionsoIncreases bile to be secreted into small intestinePancreasEndocrine functionoSecretes glucagon insulinExocrine functionoDigestive enzymes secreted into digestive tract Refers to a hole in the body not really INSIDE bodyWhere term exocrine outside body comes from3 general processes within the digestive systemMajor processes and functions of digestive system is the breakdown of digestive foodstuffsAbsorbed through wall of the gut into the bloodstreamNumber of chemical processes in the digestive systemoSome of which involve acidsenzymes that break down foods
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