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University of Toronto Scarborough
Biological Sciences
Jovan Stefanovic

Fillin the blanks 1. Cell components which stain with hematoxylin are often referred to as___basophilic____. 2. The light-staining areas of a nucleus on a slide are composed of _euchromatin____ and the dark-staining regions are composed of ____heterochromatin_______. 3. The basement membrane is ____negatively_______ charged and can be stained with either ____Periodic Acid Schiff________ or ___Hematoxylin______. 4. The ____stratified squamous epithelium__________ epithelium is usually found in areas exposed to abrasive stress. 5. Transitional epithelium is commonly found in the ___urinary bladder_________. 6. An __endocrine_____gland releases its secretions into the bloodstream. 7. The increase in the size of adult skeletal muscle after exercise is due to the process of __hypertrophy____ of muscle fibers. 8. The sun’s UV rays damage the __fibrilin_____scaffolding which holds the __elastin_____ filaments; this causes the skin to lose its elasticity. 9. The granules of mast cells are often described as ____metachomatic_______. 10. The__tongue____ is one place where you will find “skeletal muscle” that is not attached to the skeleton. 11. The trachea is lined by a ________pseudostratified ciliated columnar________ epithelium. 12. __Macrophages______ are the cells which take up the pigment in a t
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