final exam review- mneomics for short answers

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Biological Sciences
Stefan Rusyniak

EPI mnenomics 10282011 80900 PM Function of epi y S2 PATWhat are the property of epi y Free surface y Polarity surface lateral and basal specialization y Close asso with other cell y Associated with basaement membrane Not all cells have surface specializationall have basement memban Surface y Microvillibrush border y Stereocilia found in inner ear which is made up of cartilagey Cilia y Glycocalyx o Highly branced carbo o Find in small intestine andkidneyo FunctionAbsorptionit has lumen w hich has enzyme to break down the nutrient Slow down the movement of nutrient at the surface Inmmunity to infectionCell recognitionenable the immune system to recognize and attack forgein bodiesFertilizationReceptor for hormonesto enable sperm to recognize and bind to eggs Cell adhesion Basement membrane functiony Barriercancer benign and tumore y Monitor whether the body goes wrong serum in the uriney Scaffold for healingySimple cuiboidal kidneys distal and proximal tubulemore columnar shape as more active y Thyroid glandSimple columbar digestive tract Stratified cuiboidal duts of glands Stratified columnar panceas and salivary gladndyDescribe the lateral speiclizatoin that can be found between epithelial cellsincluding their location and function using welllabeld diagram to show characteristics of an epitehelial cellUSING WELL Labeled digram to show the lateral specialization and their location and function check their and wardas answer to see what elase I need to say yDescribe the properties and characteristics of epitheliumy 4 properitesyWhat tissues will be affected by blank disease And why do you need desmosomes to live Necrohiging fasciitisy Cell adhension move togetherza but not continuous but scattered y Stress force and stress distributionStratified squamous epitheliam seen in the abrasive stress areasuch as annus and vagina When looking at a slide of a stratified epithelium you notice that a layer of cells closet to the basement membrane appears columnar but the cells in the layer at the surface appear to bulge into the lumen How would you classify this epithelium and why 2mrks answer its transitional
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