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Biological Sciences
Kamini Persaud

Which of the following has been shown to affect the amount of a male’s “mate guarding” of a female? (a)variation in the operational sex ratio (b)the presence of an egg in the female’s nest (c)the number of male neighbors in close proximity (d)the presence of male neighbors who are unusually sexually attractive (e)All of the above have been shown to affect the amount of a male’s “mate guarding” of a female. A male bluegill sunfish who uses the “sneaker” mating tactic will have male offspring who (a)will all be “Sneaker” males. (b)will all be “Cuckholder” males who may adopt either a “Sneaker” or “Satellite” mating tactic. (c)may be any type of male (“Sneaker”, “Satellite” or “Parental”) depending on the environmental conditions. (d)may be any type of male (“Sneaker”, “Satellite” or “Parental”) depending on their mother’s genotype. (e)all die at an earlier age than the majority of other males. A “conditional strategy” is unquestionably an adaptation when individuals able to switch tactics (a)leave some surviving descendants to carry their genes into the next generation. (b)leave more surviving offspring than individuals using any other strategy. (c)can leave surviving offspring who will adopt the most successful tactic. (d)are better able to adjust to changing conditions than other members of their species. (e)can leave equal numbers of surviving offspring using any of their tactics. We observe variation in a population of lizard with respect to how
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