CITB01H3 Study Guide - Planning Permission

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21 Apr 2012

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The ontario municipal board is an independent administrative board that operates as an adjudicative panel dealing with property and planning matters. Applicants may also appeal the city"s failure to meet legislated time frames. Land use planning under the planning act and other legislation; Financial issues related to development charges, land expropriation, municipal finance and other legislated financial areas; Municipal issues as legislated under the omb act and other legislation; Other issues assigned to the board by provincial statute. The relevance of this term to urban planning is that it is seen to many planners as pro- development which means on the side of private planners rather than city planners. The courts to be expensive, time consuming, and possibly more in favour of developer arguments of fairness, rather than planning expertise. As a result, it becomes difficult for city planners to prevent private planners who are self interested from ruining the city"s vision.

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