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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

1What is the role of the Official Plan in Canada Role of The official planmunicipal land use plan which sets out the municipalitys general planning goals and policies that will guide future land use Describes upper lower or singletier municipal councils policies on how land in community should be used Its prepared with input from community and helps to ensure that future planning and development will meet the specific needs of community Deals mainly with issues such as A citys policy vision to manage and direct physical change Comprehensivelongrange A blueprint document with a general focus Deals with the main issues and major proposals Development applications are evaluated against the policies and criteria of the plan All bylaws must reflect the intent of the planExamples1where new housing industry offices and shops will be located 2what services like roads watermains sewers parks and schools will be needed 3 when and in what order parts of your community will grow 4 community improvement initiativesand how are local municipal planning decisions and procedures influenced by provincial authorityThe Planning Act requires that all bylaws enacted public works undertaken by the City conform to its OP Whether a policy decision with a minimal price take or a major capital expenditure decisions should be evaluated against the goalsobjects of OP All city departments agencies boardscommissions have a role to play in realizing the reurbanizationquality of life objectives of the PlanThe Planning Act provides traditional tools that govern plans of subdivision zoning bylaws minor variances consents and demolition controls These are the basis for daytoday development approval processOMB also influence the local planning decision by hearing appeals to Council decisions on development applications
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