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City Studies
Ahmed Allahwala

 Week 1 o What is planning?  Links the present and the future  Develops and identify goals o What is urban planning  If unplanned, cities o Different approaches to planning  Adopting the perspective according to the angle  Week 2 o Contemporary trends of urban development  How would you characterize the Canadian urban system?  Metropolitan areas, metropolitan dominance  Population groups concentrated in major areas, post-war boom centers decrease as population mobilize  Increasing ethno changes o New challenges for planning and policy  Week 3 o Living conditions o Esthetics o Lack of green spaces o A lack of efficiency o Emergence of modern planning idea  Week 4 Ethics and Values o Values and city-building  Different actors means different values o Values and the politics of choice o Planning ethics and principles  Ethics which guides profession  Question comes down to, is this fair?  Urban planning always will involve ethics  What is just? What is fair?  Where should dumps be located in a community so that they are not put in a disadvantage? o Case study- Africville  Week 5 o Feedback mechanisms o Public participation  Overtime, citizen groups protest against government policies  Communities mobilizing against construction  EXAM o Covers week 6 and onwards  Week 6 o The constitutional context of municipalities  What are the different scales of planning? o Scales of planning and policy interventions  The highest level is provincial planning legislation  Each province has its own provincial planning legislation o Statues and acts o Zoning and zoning bylaws o Development control  Scales of planning: Ontario o Land subdivision  Suburban development  Different scales of planning intervention  Week 6: planning tools o Constitutional context o Scales of planning and policy interventions o Statues and acts o Zoning and zoning bylaws  One of the objectives of zoning  W
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