Chapter/lesson 4 - key terms - w/ added description

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Classical Studies
Faye Mishna

Key Words for Lesson 4 Egypt 1 Apophisy In Egyptian mythology Apophis was an evil god the deification of darkness and chaos and thus an apponent of light and ordertruth Maat y Apep formed part of the more complex cosmic system resulting from the identification of Ra as Atum ie the creation of AtumRa and the subsequent merging of the Ogdoad and Ennead systems Consequently since AtumRa who was later referred to simply as Ra was the solar deity bringer of light and thus the upholder of Maat Apep was viewed as the greatest enemy of Ra and thus was given the title Enemy of Ra y Apep was seen as a giant snakeserpent crocodile and as a dragon in later years y The huge serpent was believed to have existed from the beginning of time in the waters of primeval chaos which preceded creation and it was thought that he would continue to exist in an endlessly malevolent cycle of attack defeat and
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