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Economics for Management Studies
Jovan Stefanovic

Michel KiflenCh 5 6 9 10 Study SheetCh 5Social InstitutionsSocial Institutionthe organized way a society develops to meet its basic needsNecessary for survival of societySocieties develop 5 basic social institutionsFamiliesEconomic InstitutionsPolitical InstitutionsEducational InstitutionsReligious InstitutionsSocial Basic Need ServedGroupsOrganizationsValuesNorms UpheldInstitutionSexual fidelitySocialize nurture FamilyRelativeschildrenDevelop skillsRead scripturesHelp meet universal Churches temples Religionspiritual needmosquesContribute moneyInnocence until guiltyLawMaintain social orderPolice courts jailsFair trialDemocratic ruleMake major decisions Parliament cabinet Politicsfor societypolitical partiesVoting rightsCustomer satisfactionProducedistribute Banks firms small EconomicsgoodsservicesbusinessesEfficiencyTransmit knowledge to Expect students to get Schools colleges next generationEducationgood grades do universitieshomeworkSocialize studentsOHIP ministries of MedicinePrevent disease healPreserve lifehealth health clinicsProtect nationArmed forces defence MilitaryRisk lives for nationdepartmentDisaster reliefForaging SocietiesoSupported greater numbers of peopleForaginghunting wild animals fishing harvesting wild grains fruitsIndustrial SocietiesPeople 10000 years ago formed bandsSocial institutions in modernized societiesEgalitarianwhen there is little oChart of 8 social institutionsdistinction between people based on Role ExpectationswealthInstitutions have to insist on roles from its Agricultural SocietiesmembersFertility of valleys allowed food to be produced
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