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Economics for Management Studies
Victor Yu

MGEC11H3SL30 Introduction to Regression Analysis Term Test Saturday March 1 2014 13 PM Instructor Victor YuLast Name Print SolutionFirst Name PrintStudent NumberAids allowedCalculator and one aid sheet two 85x11 pages written or typed on both sides Time allowed Two 2 hoursThis exam consists of 21 questions in 13 pages including this cover pageIt is the students responsibility to hand in all 13 pages of this examAny missing page will get a zero mark Show your work in part 2No marks will be given if you do not show your workThis exam is worth 30 of your course gradeDo not write on the space below for markers onlyPage Question Max Mark 27 117 518 18ab 109 19ab 1110 20abcd 121113 21abcd 16 Total 100 The University of Torontos Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters applies to all University of Toronto Scarborough students The Code prohibits all forms of academic dishonesty including but not limited to cheating plagiarism and the use of unauthorized aids Students violating the Code may be subject to penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion from the University Management 1265 Military Trail Toronto ON M1C 1A4 Canada 1 wwwutscutorontocamgmtPart IMultiple Choice3 marks in each question No part mark Circle only one answer If there are more than one correct answer circle the best one yxyxyx1 The correlation coefficient from the n pairs of datamay be nn2211yxaffected when eachis replaced by which of the following ii awhere c is a constant cycxii bwhere c is a constant cycxii cwhere c is a constant 0ccycxii dxyiieyxii 2 The mathematics scoresand the economics scoresof a group of students have yxequal variancesThe means of these scores are respectivelyand If the 60x40yOLS line of y on x is used to predict mathematics scores the predicted score corresponding 10x1ytois The correlation coefficient between the two sets of scores is equal to a 075 b 078c 081d 084e 087xbyln3 A simple regression lineis obtained from three observationsand 01220bThe value ofis equal to 1e02ln12ln22 abc d 1e2ln2333 4 Heteroskedasticity means thata homogeneity cannot be assumed automatically for the modelb the variance of the error term is not constant c the observed units have different preferences d agents are not all rational e all of the above are true1xy5 A least squares regression lineis obtained from a random sample 2nn2yxyxyxSupposewhat is the value ofyx8192xnn2211iiii1i1a 482b 964c 1928 d 3856e 77122
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