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H. hepatites a liver inflammation: giardia lamblil - enters lake and rivers through sewage and animal wastes, diarrhea, vomiting, cramps. Fecal coliform test : this test indicates the likely presence of disease-causing agents in water, a sample is first passed through a filtering apparatus. The filter disk is then placed on a medium that support coliform bacteria for 24hours: after incubation, the number of bacterial colonies is counted. Each colony of e. coli arose??? from a single coliform bacterium in the original water sample. Case study : walkerton example (e. coli): figures illustrate a pipe containing biofilm and a scanning electron micrograph (below) of the surface of a pipe containing bacteria, isolated from walkerton during the investigation in 2000. Photon emmiters: combined radium 226/228, radon gas, can damage to dna, increase risj of getting cancer. Radon decays radioactive isotope polonium 218 and polonium 214 which also produces alpha particles that if breathed or swallowed can cause several types of cancer.

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