Cornell-style notes, lecture 3

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12 Mar 2011

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Human Health and The Environment Mid-term Study Notes
Lecture 3
Key pointsNotes
Liquid Natural
CapitolWater is necessary for our existence
Removes wastes and dilutes pollutants
WithdrawalTotal amount of water removed from a river,
lake or aquifer for any purpose. Some of this is
Worlds Issues
regarding WaterQuality and quantity
Of the water available only 1% is fresh
(drinkable) water
Location of water: plenty of water just
Irrigation shrinks water basins
A lot of precipitation but it is not collected or
Lack of access to clean water kills children
Drinking waterSurface water: in urban areas mostly from
rivers, lakes and reservoirs
Ground water: in rural areas (wells)
Contaminants in
Drinking Water1.Microbes
3. Inorganic contaminants
4. Industrial organic contaminants
5.Disinfection byproducts
MicrobesFecal Coli form and E.Coli contamination with
human and animal wastes, diarrhea, nausea,
headaches, renal failure, coagulation disorders.
Salmonella typhityphoid fever (high fever, ab
pain, constipation)
Shigella sp.
Vibro cholerae
Norwalk viruses, enteroviruses, adenoviruses—
diarrheal illness
Hep A
Giardia Lamblia
RadionuclidesCan damage DNA thus increasing chances of
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