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Majorie Rubright

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Foul Paper Questions- (Study Guide)
Titus Andronicus:
1. Where do you notice language of shadows/light, bright/dark, fair/foul
a. How is this language attached to particular characters?
b. When does it shift?
2. Where are the barbarians – insdie or outside rome?
3. Who are the barbarians?
4. What is Lavinia’s logic of appeal?
5. What ideas/ideals is Tamora’s response to Lavinia grounded in?
6. What does the rape demonstrate about Tamora and her sons?
a. From Tamora’s point of view?
b. From Lavinia’s point of view?
7. What happens to our understanding of the play if we were to read Tamora and Lavinia
as key contrasts in the play?
8. Where does th contrast break down?
9. In what ways has Aaron internalized a Roman way of thinking and Roman ideas in order
to exact his revenge?
10. How has Aaron learned from the Romans the best way to harm the Romans?
11. Where does Aaron exhibit Roman “wisdom” ?
1.1.96-126: Conditions for Revenge begin
1.1.297-317: What words are used to describe women?
1.1.400-405: Reading and interpreting rape.
1.1.427-452: “Staging reconciliation” : Tamora’s savvy political mind
Other passages to look at:
1.1.238-242 and 1.1.262-269
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