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Natalie Rose

Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe (1719) -Realism vs Romance (child is innately pure and innocent) -ZZZ^Z]}o]ZZZ]L2}EZ,]Z}} 8L]Z]ZZLL }] ]}L]L]_ -autobiography -alexander Selkirk, marooned in the South Seas for 4 years Adventure -spawns a genre of adventure fiction and a sub-genre of Robinsonades (e.g., Swiss Family Robinson, Coral Island, Treasure Island, Lord of the Flies , Blue Lagoon, Castaway, Crusoe in Canada) -Adventure is a modern form of Romance -Shorter OED: 1. a That which comoes to us or happens without design; chance, hap, fortune, luck. Obs b. per adventure, by adventure, of adventure (Fr. Par aventure): by chance. The two latter are Obs., the first now treated as a single word with sense perchance, perhaps. See peradventure 2. A chance occurrence, an event or issue, an accident. Also in Law. Obs. 3. Chance of danger or loss; risk, jeopardy, peril. To put in adventure: to put in jeopardy, to imperil, to risk, to stake. Still in Mar. Insur. 4. Hazardous activity [i.e. risky] 5. Any novel or unexpected event in which one shares; an exciting or remarkable incident befalling any one -}L~9^}} ]Zl8_ -^@Z}KL is nearest of all literary forms to the wish-fulfilment dream...In every age the ruling social
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