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Money is the main distorting thing
Art being bidding, ridiculous amount of money to buy the art, anyone who can move can
Mark, has to be there and help her prepare and set up daughters art work
Centre of attention -> Marla
Parents decided whats best for daughter
Son is to the side “ignored”
Parents want the daughter to keep it natural
Sensitive and uncomfortable kid --- introverted student
When she paints, its the only time she is able to release herself
Shes natural when shes not under the camera
Father gets frustrated when the camera are around the child
Appreciate that the art is beautiful, but mother is defensed at her child is not a PRODIGY
If the child is seen to perform more than the adult level, than the child is ‘magical
There are adult moments in Marlas painting, which is why people likes them
Wonderful, blissful moments --- as a child, Marlas collector…wants that
Stuart Simpson – Marlas collector
Her innocence says something about the cynicism art world
Marla – pure innocents, no sarcasms
No one anticipated for oil painting is 5-8,000$, but Marla is double/triple of average
They make replications of Marlas art work -- -for millions
Mark and Tony always wanted to be in the spotlight
But mother is always wanting to be on the sideline
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