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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Lisa Tutty

Lecture 07 Notes  Earth is about 4.56 billion years old  Avicenna- was a Persians geologist - mountains formed after a long series of events pre dating humans  Shen Kuo - was a Chinese naturalist 0 concept of geologic or deep time ( thought the earth was old )  Ancient Greeks recognized fossils embedded in rocks now on tops of mountains ( strata )  Heavily based in Christian religion : ( the earth was created in 7 days, climate is fixed, till, sand and gravel = Diluvium ( from Biblical Floods)  Catastrophism theory - from Georges Cuvier was the idea that earth has been affected in the past by sudden, short lived, violent events, possibly worldwide.  James Hutton 1726-97 - 1st Recognized Unconformities with layers of rocks and the igneous origin of granite ( big change )  2. Proposed concept of Unformitarianism ( the present is the key to the past ) ( small change )  3. came into conflict with Abram Werner and diluvialism ( rocks are coming from sea and ocean ) and catastrophism  Facies : means appearance of  he noticed the rock granite and thought that it cooled from a ho hot liquid rock and came from there too ( 2 )  he also said that the earth must be very old and going against everyone in the west thought against the church  He had a big sported named Charles Darwin and Louis agassiz  ( 2 ) The relative age of rocks  Concept of Deep time - primary strata , unconformity , secondary strata  unconformity - is when you take a section of something which results in a gap in geolog
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