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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

EESA06 Quiz 4 Page 1UserCelia Duong Submitted21711 722 PM NameQuiz 4 regarding lecture 5 review ch14 if you wish StatusCompleted ScoreGrade not available Time Elapsed16 minutes and 47 seconds out of 1 hourQuestion 1 The term volcanic ash is factually incorrect Selected Answer True Correct Answer TrueQuestion 2 Lahar is an Indonesian term for a volcanic mudflow Selected Answer True Correct Answer TrueQuestion 3What happened to CobijaSelected Answer btsunami Correct Answer btsunamiQuestion 4 What fault line lies close to Stanford University Selected Answer aSan Andreas Correct Answer aSan AndreasQuestion 5 New Zealand is the tip of a drowned continent Selected Answer Yes Correct Answer YesQuestion 6 Where would you expect the most dangerous volcano Selected Answer bat a subduction zone Correct Answer bat a subduction zoneQuestion 7 A layer of volcanic ash is called tuff Selected Answer No Correct Answer YesQuestion 8 This figure best represents the plate tectonic situation inSelected Answer eWestern North America Correct Answer eWestern North AmericaQuestion 9
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