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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 Please match the following SCIENTISTS with some of their MAJOR CONTRIBUTIONS to the science of geologyYou may use each SCIENTIST as many or as few times as you wishQuestion Selected Match created the first comprehensiveDWILLIAM geological map of England in 1815SMITH Box11Fig1jpgjpgwas the first to create aASIR WILLIAM systematic layout of the geology of CanadaLOGAN Box12Fig1jpgjpgcreated an inventory ofASIR WILLIAM Canadas mineral resourcesLOGAN Box12Fig1jpgjpgfirst proposed the concept ofBALFRED continental drift WEGENER Box13Fig1jpgjpg His work on hot spots andCtransform faults contributed substantially to the development of the plate tectonic J TUZO WILSON theory Box14Fig1jpgjpg Question 2 Please match the following JOB TITLES with these descriptors of some possible job duties Question Selected MatchThis person might integrate a number of digitalEsources of data including satellite images aerial Geomatician photography bathymetric surveys and data from sonar and seismic surveys These data would then be manipulated using GIS and 3D modeling softwareThis person might be hired for jobs relating toCbridge construction earthquake resistance and
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