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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Question 1 The closure of the Iapetus Ocean by the collision of Baltica and Laurentia is marked by theOrogeny PenokeanTaconic None of the answers is correct Acadian Grenville Question 2 A cycle of uplift and erosion of a mountain system is known as a Wilson CycleTrueFalseQuestion 3 Gondwanaland consisted of Australia India and North AmericaTrueFalseQuestion 4 The subdued shape of the Mountains within the Coastal Plutonic Complex of British Columbia is due to the weathering ofan ancient ophiolite complexan ancient sedimentary basin an impact craterdomelike granite plutonsall of the above Question 5Which geologic era are the rocks on the right hand side of this image fromPaleozoic Ordovician Cambrian Phanerozoic Mesozoic CenozoicQuestion 6 The modern landscape of Canada is mostly the result ofthat have occurred over the last 25 million years earthquakesvolcanic eruptions glaciations meteor impacts land slides Question 7I am going on a fossil huntWhich of the following areas would I be most interested in if I want to find a lot of fossils Pillow lavas of Betts Cove Newfoundland Breccia from the Sudbury ON area Pillow basalts of the Giant Mine near Yellowknife NWT
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