EESA06 Final Exam Ch2 Summary + 40 MCQ/T or F

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

PHYSICAL GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENTND2 CANADIAN EDITIONChapter 2 Plate TectonicsChapter SummaryPlate tectonics is a theory that suggests Earths surface is divided into several large plates that change position and size Intense geologic activity occurs at plate boundariesPlate tectonics combines the concepts of seafloor spreading and continental driftAlfred Wegener proposed continental drift in the early 1900s His evidence included coastline fit similar fossils and rocks in nowseparated continents and paleoclimatic evidence for apparent polar wandering Wegener proposed that all continents were once joined together in the supercontinent PangeaWegeners ideas were not widely accepted until the 1950s when work in paleomagnetism revived interest in polar wanderingEvidence for continental drift includes careful fits of continental edges and detailed rock matches between nowseparated continents The positions of continents during the past 200 million years have been mappedHesss hypothesis of seafloor spreading suggests that the sea floor moves away from the ridge crest and toward trenches as a result of mantle convectionAccording to the concept of seafloor spreading the high heat flow and volcanism of the ridge crest are caused by hot mantle rock rising beneath the ridge Divergent convection currents in the mantle cause the rift valley and earthquakes on the ridge crest which is a spreading axis or centre New sea floor near the rift valley has not yet accumulated pelagic sedimentSeafloor spreading explains trenches as sites of seafloor subduction which causes low heat flow and negativegravity anomalies Benioff zones and andesitic volcanism are caused by interaction between the subducting sea floor and the rocks aboveEESA06 Page 1 of 9
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