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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Chapter 12: Radiation and Health - Concern about Radiation: Is exposure generated by nuclear-power-plant accidents or by contamination from nuclear facilities during normal operation? - 3 major nuclear-reactor accidents have occurred since the creation of nuclear power: 1. Windscale, England in 1957 2. Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvannia in 1979 3. Chernobyl in the former Soviet Union in 1986 - Radon gas emanating from underlying geological formations or building materials in homes is a far more common and significant source of public exposure to ionizing radiation than emissions from nuclear plants - Epidemiologic science (study of populations) that tries to relate very low radiation exposures to cancer is still unproven lack of scientific certainty fuels public controversy: o What level is acceptable? - #0.039<0,78343L43L]L3J7,L,9L435:-OL.,99039L43 - Radiation inspires a special dread - ,37,L,9L438.L039L898-0OL0;09K,955O439:30789,39K,9824NL3J,37L;L3J,70 much more dangerous than exposure to low levels of radiation Types of Radiation - Ionizing and nonionizing radiation - Ionizing portion of the spectrum includes gamma ra
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