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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Roberta Fulthorpe

EESB16 Midterm Readings Reading 10 Super Weeds found in Alberta 2012 y Kochia found in three fields in southern AlbertaThe weeds were resistant to glyphosate active ingredient of the top selling herbicide roundup made by Monsanto Canada y Glyphosate resistant weeds1 Higher weed control costs 2 low crop yields for farmersy Kochia pop resistant to glyphosate has been previously confirmed in Kansas Colorado and Nebraska y Two other resistant species had previously beenfound in Canada both in southwestern Ontario Giant ragweed Canada fleabaney Albertacase is important as the region is important for grain and canola production as Canada is the biggest exporter of spring wheat canola durum and barley in the world y Alberta case is unique coz kochia does not appear to have developed in a field where producers regularly grew crops that had been genetically modified to tolerate Roundup Reading 6 HaberBosch HB 2008y 100 years of Ammonia synthesis from the atmospheric nitrogen it did lead to improved food production conflicts and environmental changes y Fritz Haber Synthesis of Ammonia from its elements Nobel prize in Chemistryy Author Erisman from Energy research Centre of the Netherlands ECN explained that thHaberBosch is perhaps the most significant invention of the 20 Century yet it has many side effects We ne
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