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Environmental Science
Cynthia Bongard

FEEDING H UMANS EESB16 Instructor: Cindy Bongard Mid-term Test 14 February 2012 (time allowed 1 hour 15 minutes) NAME: STUDENT No. SIGNATURE: Total number of pages = 8 including cover page 2 Multiple choice: select the best answer (i.e. read the question carefully); no penalties for wrong choices. Indicate on the scantron sheet the answer you think is correct. Each question is worth one mark. 1. There is a negative correlation between biodiversity and human food consumption 4. Use of chemicals for agricultural has been primarily due to: linked to: a) the use of hydroponics a) ozone depletion b) conversion to organic farming b) cancer, organ damage, growth defects c) species habitat loss c) significant species losses d) the above statement is false d) eutrophication e) all of the above 2. Vandana Shiva argues that the Green Revolution (GR) (tutorial video): 5. Rice straw is used to grow mushrooms in a) reduced availability of traditional foods in Vietnamese integrated farming practices demand prior to GR a) true [Intergrated Farming paper] b) should be followed with a better, more sustainable GR b) false c) increased salinization due to irrigation 6. The persons responsible for manufactured d) only a) and c) nitrogen and DDT have what in common? e) only a) and b) a) both contributed to significantly reduced bird populations in the wild 3. The Norfolk 4-course rotation resulted in crops b) both contributed to eutrophication in water eaten successively by people or livestock and: bodies a) incorporated lengthy fallow periods c) both were criticized in the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson in 1962 b) included growing turnip as a nitrogen fixer d) both received a Nobel Prize c) provided animal fodder [lec 2] d) was invented by Jethro Tull in 1701 e) all of the above3 7. Micronutrients for plants include: a) Ca, Zn, Mn, N 11. Some jellyfish species have become increasingly problematic due to: b) Zn, B, Cl, Cu [lec 4] a) their ability to thrive in anoxic conditions [lec 4] c) Mg, Mo, Zn, P b) their use of phyto-toxins d) N, P, K c) formation of large artificial reefs in the ocean 8. The Doomsday Vault refers to: 12. Vitousek et al. 1986 found that: a) a Norwegian seed bank [lec 2] a) current rate of conversion of land to agricultural b) Valivovs collection of over 2500 species of use is hypothesized to be sustainable in the short food plants term c) The Canadian Seeds of Diversity seed bank b) unused carrying capacity of the earth is well below levels of concern d) none of the above
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