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1 Apr 2011

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Week 4 Tutorial
Transnational surpassing nation
More than one nation
oReligion as a cohesive force across various nations
Murphy, Islam or Death convert or die
Material conquest
Christianity (Bible), Judaism (Tanakh), Zoroastrianism
oPeople of the Book (“Dhimmi)
Christianity and Judaism monotheistic (one God)
Judaism Kaballah mystical sort of Judaism
Hinduism and Buddhism representing God in Islam is forbidden
Temples and monasteries were destroyed
No Buddhism in India because of the invasion
Pre-modern South East Asia
Settled by immigrants from China
Vietnam is most influenced by China (Sinicized to become Chinese like)(Sinic
sphere Chinese sphere of influence) (sinophile fan of all things Chinese)
oVietnamese Buddhism is mostly Mahayana
Vietnam was independent, China would constantly take control over, but always
lost control
Chinese influence on Vietnam
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