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Shaun Tanaka

GGRB13Study Notes Definitions and Concepts1 Social Age Social age is determined and understood within a society It is determined by figuring out what sorts of activities are individuals within different ages capable of doing What is appropriate for one to do at a given age is determined by social ageSociety has built us to feel at ease with the idea of an older man with a younger woman but when we see it the other way around it seems unusual and strange Social age can be demonstrated by ageismbelief that people who share a chronological age actual age also have other characteristics in common It can affect anyone at any given age For example individuals who are 30 automatically considered an adult who is married with kids a home and a job This is because the society we live in has painted this picture of what you should have by the time you are at a given age These social age categories like adulthood are generally very insubstantial and do not have very strict criteria They also vary across cultures and societies In some countries the general age of individuals getting married is younger or older than others Our bodies also determine our social age how physically fit we are or not Two women who are the same age but one is in a walker while the other is out swimming will not be thought of as the same age This is because of the difference in capability between the two 2 Positionality Knowledge is necessarily subjective Your contextyour location in the worldshapes your view of the world and therefore what you see as important and worth knowing Your context shapes the theories and stories you concoct of the world to describe and explain it When you look at something the way you look at it depends on the position you are in This can be seen from the reading we did about Pamela George The two boys who murdered Pamela felt it was okay to do so because they knew the place they were in within society which was a dominant and the position she was in a degenerate They knew that they would be left off the hook and it would be over looked because it happened to a degenerate by a dominant This information was taught to them by their parents and everyone around them If they were in the degenerate position they would have this idea of superiority and thinking they could do something like this and get away with it They agreed with what they have been told and this triggered their curiosity and gave them the interest to pursue this act of violence This shows how your context affects your views
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