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Lecture Notes 7-onward + examination information

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Shaun Tanaka

Movie Review 12/13/2013 8:15:00 AM -Demonstrate accurate, analytical reading -How does this style differ -How complete is this argument where are the gaps. -Does the documentary give voice to its subjects? -Does it reflect theme of the course? -What does it do exceptionally well? -What does the documentary highlight, what does it neglect? Regent Park  The slums  This regent park project has become an epic failure  People stigmatized that this is an out space  The old site map: They were trying to make high rises, parks, huge spaces to make community. What ended up happening because it didn‟t have intersecting street, it didn‟t have commercial, stores, etc… built within it.  It become a crimeful “outerspace”, but with this revitalization, they are re trying to make this community of the old site map. Invisible City 12/13/2013 8:15:00 AM  Regent park is canada‟s oldest housing complex  Shows hopeful teen in a messy room  Then shows Mikey playing a “thug life” game.  If you don‟t participate in crime, your soft? (what mikey is basically saying)  Former football player giving the viewpoint of someone choosing the streets (Ainsley Morgan)  Mikeys mom is against him in criminal activity  Focuses on the bad of regent park, making it look rundown  Pathways to success, helping youth  Males doing this crime?  When the youth are at ainsley house, he shows past videos of them (shows that they are people, youth, and no as bad as people perceive they are)  Ainsley relates his home to space & place, his first home is his first home coming to Canada, but to people demolishing it, its just property.  The revilization of regent park, echoed Mikey & Kendalls cause they are changing but is it going to be for the best, or for the worst Lecture 8 (Guest Lecture) 12/13/2013 8:15:00 AM Nation, Race & Politics of Home Important Terms  Mother-activism  Long distance nationalism  Transnational families  Emotion & impression  Collective feelings  Imagined subjects & Nations  Nationalism  Transnationalism Images a. First Image: Child has lost his family (Sad Child) b. Second Image: Nationalism (Canada Flag) c. Third Image: Fighting for there home (Native people, holding guns) d. Fourth Image: Starving & haven‟t eaten in while, in desperate need of help. (Malnourished African children) Politics of emotion  Symbols mean something to different people, based on there history.  The white body become a threat, under a object. The subject is threatening the white body, whether is be through jobs, terrorism, etc…  Othering: Normative standards & a dominant idea. I.e the average Canadians is… -Middle Class -White -Christian -Hetro-Sexual Emotion  Comes from the latin word “emovere”, to move or to move out (ahmed, 2004)  Emotions also about attachments ad how we connect Nation, Nationalism, & the Nation-State  Nationalism: Patriotic feelings, principles, or efforts.  Nation: A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular sate or territory. Transnationalism  The idea of Diaspora, as a unending sojourn across difference loads. Long distance Nationalism  Solidarity across nations & diaspora communities  The logic of long distance nationalism expands “the boundaries of family beyond the domain of extended kin” i.e memorials & house visits were common in  the Lebanese during the 2006 Israeli occupation in Southern Lebanon MOTHER ACTIVISM  nationalist movements often idealize the idea of motherhood withing the imagined Nation Lecture 9 (Guest Lecture) 12/13/2013 8:15:00 AM indicia of criminality: red hat, red coat ,is part of the the crips (cops defenses for arresting a black guy) Insider Trader is where racial profiling becomes a lot more subtle.  Toronto Star 2002 study showed black male get tickets when stopped.  UofT Professor studied that Blacks are also most likely to be arrested, in comparison to a white You may think that that was back in 2002, and there is no racial profiling… there is.  Toronto Star is great with discovering stats from Toronto Police or other sources to determine what is going on.  Recent article (a couple days ago) Toronto Police officer says how shocking it is that there is still racial profiling. In relation to a class action lawsuit about racial profiling.  TAVIS: Toronto anti-violence intervention strategy  TAVIS is the “shake down squad”  When it comes into this lawyers office, and it says it‟s a TAVIS investigation, the lawyer knows where this is going.  Security Footage obtained by Toronto star: TAVIS officers arrest and punch a group of black youth and arrest them. They were doing nothing but standing around, late at night, outside the apartment. Also 4 extra police cars show up for back up or something not serious.  Neptune drive is an area of assumed criminality. Cameras everyone that police are constantly using them to watch Neptune‟s residents.  REST OF LECTURE: Similar Examples of Racial discrimination within “risky” parts of the city, i.e The Jungle, Lawrence Heights, etc… Lecture 10 12/13/2013 8:15:00 AM Review of Course  Social geography looks at the relationship between society and space  Place is shaped by human beings & shapes the lives of humans.  Power of Places shows how places are different through human effort Key Themes for Geographies of Age  Social Construction of Age  Age vs. Life Course  Intersectionality between age and other social locations  Intergenerational understandings of age  Spatial constructions of age  Resisting hegemonic/normative constructions of age  Geographies of Childhood Key Themes for Feminism and Geography  sex  gender (baby storm)  patriarchy and gender regimes (we are talking about power relationships, hierarchy)  feminist geography (how does feminist geography inform our understanding of gender?)  reflexivity Hair commercial  Perform femininity (the wife) Kate Age commercial (children see, children do)  Talking about different generations and that effect on iden
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