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Mark Hunter

Pharmaceutical Companies Beaten (Act Up) - The Medicine Act introduces 3 important measures 1) generic substitution of off-patent medicine and medicines imported and produced under compulsory licenses, 2) parallel importation of patented medicines and 3) a transparent medicine pricing system though the establishment of a pricing committee. - The generic substitution measure compels pharmacists to prescribe a cheaper generic version of a medicine, if one exists, when presented w a prescription from a patient. - The parallel important measure has perhaps been the source of most confusion surrounding the Medicines Act. It refers to the purchasing of patented medicines from foreign countries. Once a product is sold, seller loses ownership rights over it. - Pricing committee will recommend a dispensing that pharmacists can charge instead of a markup. - Generic substitution will ease pressure on medical aid costs and reduce the prices of medicines in the private sector. Private sector accessible and ease the disproportionate pressure on the public health-care system. - Parallel importation reduces the prices of some patented medicines in public and private sectors. It frees up resources in public sectors so more people can access private sector. - The pricing committee should force pharmaceutical companies to justify the prices they charge. - Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is arguably the worst patent abuser because they specialize in turning publicly funded research into private profit. - Governments Responsibilities: enact Medicine Act immediately; begin realizing the implementation of a country-w
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