GGRB02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Peter Haggett, Rand Mcnally, Mary Kingsley

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Geography overall is concern with the question: why is it like that here?". Why space/place: one of the one of the key contribution of geography is understanding space. Interested in organization of phenomenon in space (why is it like that here?: understand it along multiple lines of difference; region, landscape locality, place, different representations (landscape, maps) Space is relational: space is not a container, space is constructed, space is not absolute. Space: the fundamental stuff of human geography (nigel thrift) Edward hall: compared it to sex"; its there but we don"t talk about it. 4 spaces: empirical space: the process whereby the mundane fabric of daily life is constructed. Space is constructed: something as basic as road signs and measurements. New ways of measuring technologies (gps): space of hyper coordination: unblocking space: the process whereby routine pathways of interactions are set up around which boundaries are often drawn. Representational spaces order space but also help us analyze space.

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