GGRB02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Royal Geographical Society, Mary Gaunt, Bruno Latour

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13 Feb 2016

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Relational space space is not container; space is constructed; space is not absolute; 1) empirical space; 2) unblocking space; 3) image space; 4) place space. Geographers use boundary to define the empirical space approximately which had particular inherent qualities. Representational spaces order space but also help us analyze space. Chop up the blocks into further blocks. actor-networks theory. >tries to trace out circulations in which the actor is the network" itself. >things moving together through networks have powers (including the power to make stable spaces) that they could never have when separated. ( network move together separated power) Regards the world as made up of flows. Screen technologies and images have proliferated in our post-modern world. Micro geographies of images: cooking steps (bruno latour); create spaces. >each of them can involve different ways of seeing and working on the image. Place is space that seems more real to human being.

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