GGRB28H3 Study Guide - Free Trade, Global Health, Influenza A Virus Subtype H2N2

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17 Dec 2011

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Exam review | december 17, 2008 (9 am 12 pm) Mdr is when a strain of tb is resistant to 2 or more 1st line drugs. Xdr (extreme drug resistance: resistant to 3 or more 2nd line drugs. People can catch mdr and xdr from one another. Mdr-tb (multidrug resistant tb) describes strains of tuberculosis that are resistant to at least the two main first-line tb drugs - isoniazid and rifampicin. Resistant tb (also referred to as extreme drug resistance) is mdr-tb that is also resistant to three or more of the six classes of second-line drugs. An "inevitable flu pandemic" is believed to come from a mutated bird flu virus. As many as seven million people could be killed. It is only a matter of time - we have gone beyond wondering whether there will be one, the stage now is trying to forecast "when" a pandemic will hit.

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