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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

THE EAST NATIONALIST RULE 19451967late 1945Chinese Nationalist Party Guomindang or KMT took control of Taiwan governmentin order to achieve true Chinese Restrocessionthe nationalist set about stripping Taiwanese culture of its Japanese legacies while simultaneously restoring an essential and timeless Chineseness GuangfuGlorious return policies of detaiwanization were enforceddegraded any distinctively Taiwanese culturedecolonizationo mass changing of street and geographical names o conversion of all public civic meeting halls kokaidoZhongshantang o outlawing of Japanese geta sandals and Japanese speech in schools these policies were designed not only to cut the colonial links to Japan but also to nip in the bud any heretical links btw a culturally distinctive and politically separate TaiwanTiawanese portrayed as shameless collaborators degraded people lacking the heroic instincts of their mainland cousinschildren ROC media report portrayed Taiwanese athletes as confused and disoriented by the slave life they had led for the past centuryafter 1945 the Twainese Investigatein Committee recommended that after the takeover the cultural policy should be focused on promoting national consciousness and eradicating the slave mentalityafter 1 year Nationalist government announced ban on Japanese language periodicalsgovernment confiscate items like records publications and flags in order to aid their mission of eradicating Japanese influencevaluable exception baseball could be to the rule of destroying the defeated Japanese culture the Nationalist state had promoted physical culture in their attempts to nurture a strong and healthy chinese populace and state on the mainlandkey to building a modern national consciousness official endorsement of baseballone method of officialy Sinicizing a powerful and popular cultural realm that still represented a Pandoras box of colonial thinking and customs baseball includedfirst Taiwan Provincial Games Oct 1946National Taiwan Uni meet was important bc the gaol is to make the compatriots of all Taiwan understand the importance of nationalracial health and not for the purpose of producing athletes for specific competitive events which is the same and just as meaningless as circus performances2 Taiwan million spent on this meet th February 28 Massacrebegan the era of White Terrorbaise kongbu lasted decades under the nationalist rule o Several Guomindang agents beat up 40yr widow for selling black market cigarettesTaiwanese were angryNationalist regimeprotest and violenceNationalist arrested and executed several of Taiwanese elites that they thought posed a threat to the regime
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