HISB41H3 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Red River Colony, Maritime Rights Movement, Manitoba Act

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5 Oct 2016

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Keywords: rupert"s land, red river resistance, manitoba act, numbered treaties, cypress. Land was 3. 9 million km2 and it was sold for 1. 5 million dollars. Due to diminishing british fur trade, hbc was ready to sell off land. American"s were also eyeing rupert"s land, but british government wanted land sold to. William mcdougall appointed governor of rupert"s land. Metis are concerned over whether they would be able to retain land ownership under. The appointment of william mcdougall as governor created concern among metis. Canadian government took no concern over preserving metis land rights. Fears excaberated when canadians attempt to resurvey land. In early november 1869, louis riel became the metis spokesperson, met with canadian officials to stop survey of land. He had blocked the survey until they came to negotiate concern of metis. Marked resolution of tensions between red river colony and federal government.