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Jin Park

y Modernity o Western and oldern times o The dominance of secular forms of political power and authority and conceptions of sovereignty and legitimacy operating within defined territorial boundaries which are characteristic of the large complex structures of the modern nationstate o A monetarized exchange economy based on the largescale production and consumption of commodities for the market extensive ownership of private property and the accumulation of capital on a systematic longterm basis o the decline of the traditional social order with its fixed social hierarchies and overlapping allegiances and the appearance of a dynamic social and sexual division of labor In modern capitalist societies this was characterized by new class formations and distinctive patriarchal relations between men and women o the decline of the religious worldview typical of traditional societies and the rise of a secular and materialist culture exhibiting those individualistic rationalist and instrumental impulses now so familiar to us y Tokugawa 16001868 vs Meiji 18681912 y The Meiji Restoration 1868 o Japan The restoration of the young Emperor Meiji in 186768 The revolution from above or an aristocratic revolution elite of the old regime the samurai o Europe Members of newly powerful classes especially the urban bourgeoisiey Meiji 18681912 o InternallyA rapid modernization and industrializationyPolitical unification and central bureaucracythe establishment of the Diet 1885y Eliminating the status systemy The conscript Army 1871y Compulsory education y The monarch at the center o ExternallyThe only nonWestern imperial power Colonization of Taiwan 1895 and of Korea 1910
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