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Midterm 1 Key Terms

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Jody Cundy

HISB10 KEY TERMS CHAPTER 1EARLY GREECE AND THE BRONZE AGE 1 Ahhiyawa y A people who are plausibly identified as Mycenaean Akhaiwoi that is Achaeans the name given to the Greeks in the Iliad and Odyssey Hittite king called the king of Ahhiyawa his brotherrecognition as an equal2 Bronze Age y The period of Greek history extending from the appearance of bronze technology in the Aegean basin c 3000 BC to the fall of the Mycenaean kingdoms c 1100 BC 3 Cnossus y Cretan palaces built around central court Consisted of a maze of rooms clustered around a large central courtyard A palace was discovered in 1899 by Sir Arthur Evans here located in Crete He called the inhabitants MinoansPalace of Minos4 Crete y Archaeological evidence testifies to the islands habitation since the seventh millennium BC After the 5th millennium BC we find the first evidence of handmade ceramic pottery which marks the beginning of the civilization Evans the famed archaeologist who excavated Knossos named Minoan after the legendary king Minos We do not have much information about the very early Minoans before 2600 BC We have seen the development of several minor settlements near the coast and the beginning of burials in tholos tombs as well as in caves around the island 5 Cyclades y Dotted with small towns Inhabitants sailed the sea in sleek galleys and created for deposit in tombs elegant abstractlooking marble sculptures of standing males and females and complex figures of seated lyre players 6 Heinrich Schliemann y His discoveries of Troy and Mycenae proved that there had been highly developed Greek civilizations during the Bronze Age In 1870 excavated the ruins of Troy in NW Anatolia modern Turkey He also turned to the site of Mycenae and his excavations of the Bronze Age level uncovered a large fortified palace complex worthy of a mighty warrior king7 Hittite empirey Covered Anatolia and Syria The closest contacts of the Mycenaeans The Hittite archives of the thth14 and 13 centuries record diplomatic contacts and even military confrontations at various palaces in western Anatolia including possibly Troy between the Hittie kings and kings of a people they called Ahhiyawa Fell apart around 1200 BC crushed by invaders from the north8 IndoEuropeans y A family of languages spoken from India in the east to Europe in the west and including in addition to Greek such languages as Sanskrit Latin and the Iranian Slavic Celtic and Germanic languages Despite its European location Greek belongs to the eastern branch of the IndoEuropean language family its closest relative being Armenian Their society was patrilineal and patriarchal9 Lerna y Remains found in Argolis which show that it was a large town with stone fortification walls and monumental buildings the largest of which may have been the house of the ruling chief Toward
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