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Christine Berkowitz

HISB31 GROUP FINAL EXAM REVIEW NIMAIIn the end of 1956 not one AfricanAmerican attended a school KEY TERMS PART 1 with whites in the South and only a few in the Upper North MATTACHINE SOCIETY Not in the book Definitely not in the index Hate this class so much Cuban Missile Crisis October 1962The Mattachine Society founded in 1950 was one of the earliestSoviets had been building nuclear missiles in Cuba capable of homophile organizations in the United States probably second only attacking most of US soil to Chicagos shortlived Society for Human Rights 1924 Kennedy imposed a naval blockade to prevent future missiles fromHarry Hay and a group of Los Angeles male friends formed the arriving until the Soviets dismantled their nuclear weapons and group to protect and improve the rights of homosexuals Because of 250000 troops assembled in Florida ready to invade concerns for secrecy and the founders leftist ideology theySoviet missile carrying ships blitzed towards the blockade and adopted the cell organization of the Communist Party In the antinuclear war seemed inevitable Communist atmosphere of the 1950s the Societys growingKhrushchev finally gave in and sent Kennedy a letter saying he membership replaced the groups early Communist model with a would disarm if US promised never to invade Cuba A second letter more traditional ameliorative civil rights leadership style and also said to disarm missiles in Turkey agenda Kennedy agreed and on October 28 Khrushchev pledged to removeThen as branches formed in other cities the Society splintered in the missiles with Kennedys promise not to invade Less publicly regional groups by 1961 Wikipedia Kennedy did disarm missiles in TurkeyRelations with communist party probably linked with red scare and o Cuba actually had 36 nuclear warheads and 9 tactical nukes what not Was a communist
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