HLTC22H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Glucosamine, Manganese, Alendronic Acid

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Chapter 1: introduction and basic concepts in aging. Psychosocial gerontologists focus on describing what happens cognitively emotionally and socially as we age, identifying factors that promote positive aging or increase the risk of negative aging. Bio-gerontology focus on describing what happens at the molecular, cellular and organ system levels, models emphasize factors that affect the rate of aging. Age effect number of yrs a person has been alive, a particular phenomenon always changes with age regardless of cohort or period. Cohort effect group of people that share the same birth year or generation, change is specific to a particular cohort but does not occur in any other group. Period effect the time at which the measurement or assessment occurred, if all cohorts or ages change at a particular point in time. Life span absolute length of time a given species will live, humans 120years.

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