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Health Studies
Dan Silver

Lecture 9 Important Notes Neurosis is no longer in DSM IV Homosexuality was included in DSM II o Social stigma and discrimination because of classification of homosexuality as a mental disorder Fraser Institute reports that there are only 2.3 doctors per 1000 Canadians o We will need 2200 2300 doctors per year up until 2020to meet demands o The physician shortage was engineered in the 90s when the government wrongly predicted we would have too many doctors o The government then made it difficult for students to become doctors Ontario government proposed the following strategy: o Every Door is the Right Door Strategy to integrate mental health patients into the society and community, as well as integrate mental health services in the health care system The goal is to provide early intervention, people oriented services, and a better mental health and addictions workforce US government proposed The Mothers Act o Bill 1375 To provide treatment and identification for post-partum depression in pregnant women and mothers Problems: Labelling and medicalization (result in profit for pharmaceutical companies) Strategies not devised by women Strategies not devised by women who have given birth In Canada, an estimated 20% suffer from mental health problems
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