Summary of Lectures (Part 1)

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB03 Lecture Notes Lecture 1: - Torontians are less active than other Canadians, and are less chubby than Ontarians - 57% of 12+ older were inactive during leisure time - High cost to healthcare system - Percentage of people in Toronto riding their bicycles grew to 54% - Tommy Douglas the father of medicare? - 1945 universal healthcare Medicare Saskatchewan - Jacque Chaoulli case George zealiotis waiting time. - Bio-medical approach to health care services Socio-demographics - Montreal Two-tier system if you can pay for it you can have the surgery - Toronto self-service check-in, reduce wait times. - Leslie Rott chronic illness, all physicians were to live with chronic illnesses, would they comply to every order? Lecture 2: CH3&4 - Bill 179 to provide Ontarians with better resources, better access, better mixture of physician, improve chronic management by regulation health care professional and reducing barriers to the practice - 70J:O,90K0,O9K5741088L43,O8 - Dental Hygienic can now prescribe medication - Nurse Practitioners can now prescribe drugs without physician authorization, set a cast, communicate a diagnosis directly to a patient, - Pharmacist can now repeat drugs without going back to doctor - Cuba 439need consent to travel there, - Quebec - 24 hours shifts to 16 hours shifts - Stomach cancer diet high in salt and salt preserved foods - Women and heart di
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