Midterm Review for Leprosy

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA031H3 : Plagues and People MIDTERM REVIEW Disease Origin Transmission Clinical Symptoms Treatmen Manifestations Leprosy -No real Origin - caused by INDETERMINATE - Skin Chaulmoo -Hansens -Egyptian Payprus (1500) BC mycrobacterium (IL) : earliest and lesions are nut ; oil wo Disease -Indian Writings (600) BC leprae mildest , usually few cause -disease of the soul -Discovered in 1873 the primary nausea , so lesions ; on back . external People that -thought to be a hereditary by Dr. Amaeur loss of sensation is sign now its in get leprosy illness , or caused by God. Hansen(hence the rare. injectious. cannot get -lepers were stigmatized name hansens - special clothing ,notificatiodisease) TUBERCULOID *refer to MDT : TB. of arrival , leper houses , and- Rod Shaped Spor (TT) : larger lesions Clinical Multiple D Darcy leper colony. -slow multiplying on skin , loss of Manifestati Theory Island : -First Leper House In bacillius 12-14 days sensation (not able England (936 AD) -incubation period of to feel) , nerves are on - Dapsone became - some people were 3-5 years prison for a effected , nerves -Rifampic handful of considered dead , their - via nose through become thicker , - chiniese inheritances were separated droplets when in nerve damadge , Clofazimin (12 century),however close contact RARE to revert back people spouses were not allowed to -not highly infectious whom had (Strong immunity) -BCG has leprosy remarry till death -genetic positive aff - Mass of Seperation : said subscepbility BORDERLINE on leprosy. during Mass to separate leper - effects skin, nervesTUBERCULOID India has and send leper to leper , mucuous Three house membrane. (BT) introduced countries Similar to leprovac in that still
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