HLTA01- Chapter 13

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA01 Plagues and People Chapter 13 Tuberculosis The Peoples Plague TuberculosisConsumptionhaving the following features nostalgia depression and excessive sexual indulgences o More commonly known today as tuberculosis TB o White PlagueTBthought to produce spells of euphoria increased appetite exacerbated sexual desire o Imagined to be an aphrodisiac and to confer extraordinary powers of seductionPeople who suffered for Tb in Western Europe were thought to be beautiful and erotic o Extreme thinness long neck and hands shining eyes pale skin and red skinsPainful deathdrowning in ones in own bloodNever understood that it was a chronic disease so it was highly romanticizedOperas La TraviataLa Boheme based on novel The Woman of the Camellias and turned into a movie Camille o Heroine in movie coughs blood on a white handkerchief that resembles the red and white slower colors of camellia and symbolically represents her sexual availability during her menstrual cycles Description of consumption incessant coughing made talking and eating almost impossible and breathing painful weight loss that prevented walking and pain that required opium and whisky to ameliorate A Look BackPulmonary TBtuberculosis of the lungs o Most familiar with this type o Lunger o Can run an acute source causing extensive destruction within a few monthso Can wax and wane with periods of remissionTb can affect lungs intestine and larynx sometimes the lymph nodes in neck producing scrofula Can produce fusion of vertebrae and deformation of spine Potts disease o Can lead to hunchback and can affect the skin and kidneysTB of adrenal cortexdestroys adrenal function and results in Addisons diseaseMicrobes causing TB and leprosymycobacteria
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