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Caroline Barakat

Disease History Transmission Symptoms Treatment INFLUENZA - Hippocrates - Acute respiratory disease caused by the - Fever, chills, - bed rest - also known as flu grip, and record of an influenza influenza virus headache, weakness - drinking plenty grippe is a disease of humans, pandemic in the year Occurs globally, year-round and fatigue as well as of liquids 412 B.C. The virus changes every season coughing, sneezing, especially water pigs, horses, and several other - Since 1580, there (antigenic drift) runny nose (coryza) - acetaminophen mammals and wild birds - no specific cure that is have been thirty-one - There are 3 sub-types of seasonal - Residual cough and (Tylenol) effective against this viral additional flu influenza viruses which commonly tiredness lasts up to 6 - changing nature disease pandemics recorded. cause illness: weeks of influenza has - influenza pneumonia is rare - Asiatic (Russian) - Influenza A H3N2 strain - Complications can defeated all Flu: (1888 1890) - Influenza A H1N1 strain include ear infections, efforts thus far to but fatal - generally benign 1 million death - Influenza B Yamataga OR Victoria pneumonia, make a vaccine - researchers have recreated Spanish Flu (1918 strains dehydration and death against the the flu virus responsible for 1919): - Causative agents of influenza are 3 - bronchitis, sinusitis, disease that will the 1918 pandemic to help to - Killed 50 to 100 myxoviruses, the influenza viruses A, and bacterial be effective B, and C pneumonia are among - Vaccination understand better threat of million people - B and C viruses are associated with the more common side effects: future bird flu worldwide in less - than 2 years. sporadic epidemicas among children complications and can - Redness, - 13 world and young be fatal soreness, population infected - A virus is the cause of most cases swelling at the - 40-60 million during and between pandemics injection site Respiratory Droplets - contain the virus - Sometimes deaths (estimated) Case fatality 2.5% and are expelled into the air by fever, fatigue, - Significant illness in coughing, sneezing or talking and enter mild aches younger population the body through a persons mucous - Some have - In the 18 century membranes (e.g., nose, mouth). experienced Direct Contact the virus spreads from oculorespiratory Italians blamed it on person-to-person from the hands of an the influence of syndrome (ORS) heavenly bodies and infected person. A person touches their If you called it influenza mucous membranes with their experienced - Asian Flu (1957- contaminated hands. ORS, discuss Indirect Contact - The virus spreads immunization 1958) 1 1.5 from one person to another by touching million deaths with your doctor - H5N1 strain has been - Richard Shope surfaces or objects (fomites) In rare instances detected in Turkey, Romania, discovered the contaminated with the virus. A person (1:1000000) the and Greece etiological cause of touches their mucous membranes with influenza vaccine - The virus has killed over 60 influenza in pigs their contaminated hands. has been associated with people in Asia since 2003 and (1931) the slaughter of many birds - Thomas Francis Guillain-Barre - incubation period: 1 to 5 J.develops a killed- Syndrome (GBS) days upon infection virus vaccine for influenza
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