Notes on Syphilis Video

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

Video on Syphilis  Began in southern Italian city of Naples th  At end of 15 century, emperor Charles of France invaded Italy o After conquering Rome o Met little resistance o Troops were welcomed into Neapolitan’s homes and bed o Led to transmission of disease  Bones would ache and crack, would get fevers and temperatures, tired, develop a rash all over  Body developed bubo, open sores o Literally rotting away  Arrived much like AIDS in the 1980s o Seen for the first time o Occurred predominantly in young people, and those living in urban communities o No resistance to disease o People became ill much more easily; died at early stage  Starts off with an ulcer on the genitals called a chancre o Painless o Often go unnoticed  Then purple lesions appear on people’s faces o Start as little spot and grow on their cheeks  Used the very unpleasant treatment of mercury o Causes terrible side-effects o Make breath foul, stopped kidneys from workin
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