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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Cholera (Americas greatest scourge) Syphilis (great imitator, morbus gallicus, great Tuberculosis px) Historical Miasmatist: Pattenkofer (1818-1901) 1494: Napoleon women in Italy spread it to 2400 BC: Egyptian mummies context Contagionist: Pasteur, Kosh, Hansen Spanish troops... carried it to the world 800 BC: Phthisis or consumption 7 pandemics: 1530: Girolamo Fracastoro: word Syphilis: 460 BC: Hippocrates: evil air: 1.(1816-1821) Indian River British story of a little boy being punished by god pulmonary TB 1728-1793: John Hunter: self experiment troops in Bengal 500 AD: Kings Evil Royal Touching: 2.(1829-1815) Wide spread: Europe, 1799-1889: Philippe Ricord: Gonorrhoea ENGLAND CNDA, US not the same as Syphilis, Determined 3 1629: TB LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH stages 1832: cholera riots at physicians, 1679: Franciscus D Sylvius: tubercules victims went into hiding, fears of 1943: Spread to Europe and rest of world Aristotle: bad heavy breath bodies being sold 1947: Tuskegee Syphilis Study 1800s: it was romanticized 3.(1852-1859) Scientific advances, John 399 poor blacks in Macon County, Snow experiments: epidemiological study Alaska. Signifies RACISM in science 4.(1863-1873) 5. (1881-1896) Hygiene measure in N Columbian Theory: Syphilis introduced to America, . Kosh isolated microbe Europe from the new world. (Proof: Skeletal vibrio cholera remains in America, written record) Due to Shift from rural urban (a 6.(1899-1923) Missed Western change in the host population) Pre-Columbian Theory: The Treponema Town dairies: zoonotic transmission Hemisphere 7.(1961-Ongoin
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